Working hard is easy, figuring out your “WHY” is hard.

It’s easy to drown yourself in the dopamine of hard work and lose yourself in the grind of routine.


I’ve been there, constantly blaming myself, being guilty of not working my a$$ off. But I’m also guilty of the hustle and the grind. There were quite a lot of days when 24 hours didn’t seem enough. I wanted to do more before the stopwatch of the day.

It’s easy to be lost in the daily routine of life without reflecting on why we’re doing it in the first place.

Before you aggressively start climbing the “ladder of success”, take a moment to make sure that the ladder is not set against the wrong wall.

We need to assess if feeling the need to work harder is arising out of a need for approval — and of insecurity; out of the need to prove to everyone how great or unique you are. Stop wasting your time to prove to anyone what you’re worth. Instead, try realizing and proving to yourself how much you’re capable.

Grinding is easy, but spending the uncomfortable time alone with yourself in introspection, taking the time and effort in recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses is tough.

Figuring out what you’re passionate about is hard.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal


As long as you’re busy working, it’s hard to take a moment’s pause to reflect on WHY exactly are you trying to achieve that which you want to achieve.

All that busyness is just an excuse for being productive and not feeling guilty that you’re not doing something worthwhile.

Therefore, spend time with yourself in introspecting — recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses.

Be patient enough to decide WHAT you want to pursue and most importantly, WHY!

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