It’s true that words have power but there are instances where words fail.

power of words

A few days back, I was watching the 2015 Toastmasters winner Mohammad Qahtani persuading the audience about the power of words, how it can destroy a person or lift someone from the depths of despair.

I have to accept that it was fascinating and brilliant. Indeed, words have power; words are power.

But one day while I was on a bus journey, having about one or two hours yet to reach my destination I was lost in thoughts about how some things can’t truly be explained by words.

How do you explain the beauty of a colorful garden to a color-blind individual?


The smell of jasmine carried by a summer evening breeze

The racing thoughts and the humble realization of a man’s mortality on his death-bed?

The child-like solace felt in a woman’s embrace that reminds him of his mother’s.

The excitement and ecstasy of young man’s first kiss.

The indescribable beauty of the lover’s bosom when the heart pounds and butterflies are felt.

The sorrow and betrayal of a best-friend.

The teeth-clenching anguish and jealousy felt while watching your soul mate being married to another.

The irreparable and depressing loss and the emotional handicap of a heartbreak.

The beauty and glory of the sun’s grand entrance after a rainy and cloudy sky with showers of water still shining on the grass.

The tearful and humbling joy of welcoming a child.

The courageous pride in a patriot’s sacrifice.

The adrenaline rush of an adventurous rollercoaster.

The embarrassment of failure and the shame of nakedness.

The desperate quest for meaning amidst the ruthless furnace of suffering.

The depth and joy of poetry.

The guilty joy of sweet revenge.

The unquenchable thirst for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

The thirstful yearning to meet and be with the person you love.

The foolishness in the pursuit of riches.

The anxiety and excitement of a homecoming soldier

The tearful joy and celebration of his wife and family.

The strength yet shortness of a crush.

The capricious power of persuasion and rhetoric.

The fleeting nature of fame,

the helpless maiming and anguish at the loss of true love.

The vicious extent of ego.

The price of anger, and the cost of forgiveness.

The relentless yet mysterious search for meaning in an unempathetic universe.

The comfort and solace found in the cuddles of a soulmate.

The innocence of a child’s laugh

And many more instances where words become powerless.

Words do not fail to express but fail to explain.

How can you explain these to someone who’s never been through them?

How can words explain the fragrance of a crimson rose to someone who’s never smelled it before, in all his life?

But the irony however, is that I’ve had to use the very same words to describe the ineffectiveness of them.

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