An open letter to my dad.

Hey, Dad! It’s me. Of all the other things I thought I would write about, I never thought I would be writing about you.

For the most part of my life, I never had a clue of how dad’s love felt like. I didn’t have a “beautiful” childhood like most people do. Yet, in many ways, it was a lot better than the “unlucky” ones’. Although in certain areas you gave me a blueprint on how to raise a child, you also gave me clues on how not to raise one. Except until my 1st or 2nd grade in school, I never really liked you. But since the past few years, I’m able to empathize better and get a glimpse of why you did the things you used to. It’s probably because of the entrepreneurial journey I’ve set myself upon, that I realize how stressful, hard and emotionally exhaustive it is to build and run a business. Continue reading “An open letter to my dad.”